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AEROLINER3000 is a new design and engineering-driven generation of trains influenced by aerospace technology. Its pioneering design and innovative lightweight construction make a unique combination for the train design of the future.


Andreas Vogler Studio, Germany
Design: Matteo Mazzero, Sylwia Pawlowska, Andreas Vogler, Sebastian Wolf

Manufacturer Demonstrator: GETA mbH, Germny

Engineering: German Aerospace Center DLR, Germany

Consulting and Project Management: Robert Künzler, a|p|t design, Germany

Client: RSSB, United Kingdom
The AeroLiner3000 train is a proposal for double decker trains for Great Britain. The demonstrator built follows the specifications of the HS2 ‘compatible Trains’ and runs up to 400km/h.The double decker section is achieved by a lower ceiling height, intelligent design and advanced lightweight engineering. The lower ceiling height is counter-measured by a high-quality interior as it can be found in private jets, cars and helicopters. The prime design driver for the AeroLiner3000 is to bring aerospace thinking to railways, both in engineering and design. The front nose wings increase stability in side wind situations.
AeroLiner3000 allows for an increase in capacity by 30% without touching the infrastructure. This is not just a huge financial and logistic benefit, but also a way to preserve all the rich historical heritage of Victorian stations and bridges, allowing British railways to continue its successful growth. Through its higher capacity and lighter weight, there is less energy needed per person and carbon emissions become even more favourable.
AeroLiner3000 consists of two 200-metre train sets, with 20-metre-long end-cars and 17-metre-long coaches that have four individually powered and controlled wheels at the very end of the car body to form an innovative virtual Jacobs-bogie. The distributed power improves acceleration and reduce wear of the wheels and tracks, thus reducing maintenance cost. Each coach has two small toilets and six priority seats in the lower deck. Depending on the train’s layout, up to 700 seats can be achieved.
The coach construction consists of continuously bended equal diameter steel tubes, which are laser welded, achieving an extreme lightweight construction, which also becomes apparent in the large windows with their very slim diagonal posts. The electronically dimmable windows and glare-free OLED illumination provide a comfortable atmosphere, which is supported by finely detailed geometries and materials with haptic qualities.


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