Winners’ Interview – Wei Ziwei on WAVE

Released by the Red Dot Institute annually, the Red Dot Design Ranking for Design Concept honours the top organisations who have continuously invested in design and innovation. The Red Dot Design Ranking 2016 recognises the top 15 companies, design studios and universities with unceasing pursuance towards design excellence.

Several organisations earned a spot on the honorary lists for Red Dot Design Ranking 2016 for the very first time. This includes Midea Group who is currently ranked #2 globally in the honourary list for Companies. The ranking is computed using a weighted formula considering the cumulative number and classes of awards received over recent five years.

With its most recent wins, among them the WAVE design concept by GD Midea Air Conditioner Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded Red Dot: Best of the Best under the Domestic Aid category.

Red Dot Juror Kazuo Tanaka explained: “I like this concept because it is not only aesthetically satisfying, but also functionally minimal. It integrates the old air conditioners and air purifiers. It is also very well presented. This is a really good concept.”

Designer Wei Ziwei shares more with the Red Dot team.

What were some of the challenges faced when developing the WAVE?

Currently, there is a great number of household appliances we have to employ in our life. The biggest challenge was to break the traditional form of air conditioner, and make it integrate into the context.

What was your inspiration for WAVE (in terms of motivation/form/material etc.)?

WAVE was inspired by the waves of the sea. It is not only confined to the undulating form in line with the concept that combining the air conditioning with the appearance of the purifier, but the cycle process from the liquidity of the waves themselves. Waves are inclusive, belonging to air products, as well as air conditioning and purifier. They relate to each other and integrate with each other again, finally combined as a unified whole.

What are the challenges when developing WAVE?

As for this product, three design philosophies which include health, environmental protection and comfortable experience are attempted to integrate into this conceptual design. Besides, this conceptual design is to achieve the international recognition from the Red Dot, which means this design concept could become a direction of design in the future. Therefore, our design team will make further exploration and research, such as design details about some specific functions and appearances.

What affected the decisions to compete in a design award with WAVE?

Red Dot Award: Design Concept represents the most authoritative affirmation for international industrial design concept. We think that the design which conforms to this award should not only have an innovative aesthetic appearance, but have more creativity in the use and the function. It should be very simple to use, with the concept of environmental protection, practicality and certain emotional factors at the same time. It can be made to lead products, allowing the design of the similar products to reach a new level. The WAVE is such a design.

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

We will continue to insist on the standard of product innovation and devote ourselves to producing the best products through establishing a comprehensive strategic role of design to promote the development of design and business.