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Watch Dog is an adorable personal security, privacy and care system. Each puppy comes with a unique sensor to guard a specific aspect of life or an item when left unattended.


Sangli Li, Jay Hong
United States

Doing some work in a coffee shop with a laptop but need the bathroom? Studying in the library but have to leave your seat to grab another book? Everyone gets anxious when they leave their possessions behind unattended. Yet, a culture of workspace and living space sharing is getting increasingly popular with time. Under such sharing conditions, how does one protect his or her privacy and belongings, and effectively define and guard a temporary “territory” or “space” without being offensive? 

Watch Dog has no intention to invent a highly advanced security system. Instead, it explores the nuanced interactions between people in real life. Watch Dog reinterprets traditionally utilitarian-based security systems with an added human twist. It protects one’s space and belongings in a very assuring but subtle way.


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Via the phone app, users can easily set up and assign puppies to guard different items or different places. For example, Puppy Cyclops has a proximity sensor and once he gets into “guard mode”, he will bark at anyone who comes too close to the guarded item and sends an alarm to the owner’s mobile phone. Puppy Nosey sniffs around and guards anything under his nose – laptops, wallets, confidential documents, etc. Similar to Cyclops, Nosey barks as he spots something fishy on his patrols and sends the user a notification. Puppy Bunny has temperature and humidity sensors disguised as its ears that she uses to keep a close watch on home situations. Children and babies will love her cute body shape and she makes an adorable companion in a baby’s nursery.

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