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Warm Double-Deck Bowls

The Warm Double-Deck Bowls are made with porcelain. An interlayer in the bowl can be injected with hot water to keep the food warm for two to three times longer than ordinary bowls.


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The Warm Double-Deck Bowls are made with porcelain and designed to keep food warm.

The concept uses hot water as a source of thermal energy. In addition, these bowls are zero pollution and free of carbon emission. Moreover, it will not require unnecessary energy (electricity or gas) to re-heat the food. 

Hot water is poured from the base of the opening, after which, the lid is tightened. This is an extra convenience, as well as a security enhancement. The idea is simple – by using the internal space of the bowl to store hot water, the food is kept warm. It has the exact same shape as ordinary bowls when it is viewed from the front. In the future, people will continue to expect better living conditions, as well as energy- and cost-effective lifestyle solutions. Therefore, the Warm Double-Deck Bowls will serve these objectives.


Wei Runshi, Gongye Lingjin, Su Congxi

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