The Red Dot: Luminary – the highlight of the year

Nest - Rehoming Spent Laying Hens

Nest – Rehoming Spent Laying Hens

Prof. Lu Xiaobo

Prof. Lu Xiaobo



Prof. Carlos Hinrichsen

Prof. Carlos Hinrichsen

Prof. Lutz Fügener

Prof. Lutz Fügener

Selected out of thousands, the Red Dot: Luminary is the result of a discussion with all the jury members at the final judging onsite in Singapore. Over the years, the Red Dot: Luminary has represented broad topics that the jury address during each judging session.


“I think it addressed the design of the life cycle, and I think it deserves a Red Dot: Luminary because it’s not all about profit, it’s about life, it’s about sustainability. You’ve still got an animal which is productive but unprofitable, but you put it in new environment, it’s productive and useful. The system and the housing attached, to being able to buy all the chickens online to take them home with the housing for the chicken – the whole process is being thought through very well. It’s very conclusive.”
Rajesh Nandan on Nest – Rehoming Spent Laying Hens, 2013

Recognising what is to come/Internet of things

“The wheel has incorporated many functionalities and that makes it a unique design feature. I felt that this characteristic, specifically, makes it a very intelligent and well-thought design which is why it deserved a Red Dot: Luminary.”
Prof. Lu Xiaobo on Copenhagen Wheel, 2014

Capturing the imagination

“I think this tire is a conceptual project but is also something very exciting that shows kind of a new possibility that design, you know, with a certain level of technical expertise could achieve. Although at this level we are not so sure whether it is realistic to make it happen, or you know, from a pragmatic point, technical point of view but from a conceptual point of view it’s a very strong and very ‘wow’ idea and also visually it’s extremely attractive and very powerful.”
Patrick Chia on Boostrac, 2015

Acknowledging a paradigm shift

“A mobility concept already known is not less revolutionary. It is changing what we now understand as mobility and is shifting or transforming the paradigms in the automotive industry by integrating technology, design and innovation in the service of human beings to improving their daily lives.”
Prof. Carlos Hinrichsen on Google Self Driving Car, 2016

Next level problem solving

“We have seen a lot of ideas in the past few years, but here, we seem to experience a next-level-solution. Almost all problems resulting from the challenging compromise between usability, simplicity, aesthetics and attractiveness have been solved. This “all-of-a-piece” product surprisingly communicates self-awareness and highest usability in all details – from folding to riding, and all the added useful features.”
Prof. Lutz Fügener on Halo City, 2017

With an international jury consisting of experts from diverse fields, the Red Dot Award: Design Concept serves as a fair, recognised, and indisputable benchmark for creativity and design excellence in the industry.

The standard submission phase for the Red Dot Award: Design Concept is currently underway; accepting design concepts, prototypes, ready to launch products, the award is open to designers, design teams, design studios, product companies, and universities.

The award is more than a platform for innovation, winning designers will be able to leverage on the Red Dot to provide an indication on the marketability of future products, provide clients with an established mark of a studio’s design capabilities, benchmark a team’s creative competencies.

Submission phases for the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2018
Standard: 2 February – 21 March 2018
Late: 22 March – 16 May 2018

Further dates
Jury session: June 2018
Red Dot Awarding Ceremony: 28 September 2018