Red Dot Award: Design Concept Standard submission phase is open

To discover new design concept and ideas

20170214_news_dc_standard_anmeldung_laeuft__2__01 Nest Pole, a Red Dot: Best of the Best winning concept.

20170214_news_dc_standard_anmeldung_laeuft__2__02 The Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook

“There are always risks to develop a new product and that every design process is filled with risks,” asserted Prof. Dr Peter Zec, Founder and CEO of the Red Dot Design Award. “That is why designers and companies should have their ideas checked before they invest into their projects. I think a design concept award is the best platform and has the best environment to evaluate the concepts and get fantastic feedback about them. This gives a little bit more planning assurance to companies and also to the designers”

The Red Dot Award: Design Concept accepts all design concepts for products and services that are not yet sold in the market and mass produced for the duration of the call of entries of the award. There are 2 types of design concepts that can be submitted for the award, concepts and ready to launch products. This differentiation allows jury to use more appropriate criteria to assess their design attributes in relation to their market readiness.

“Concepts” are designs in the the early developmental stage. These designs are ideas or prototypes and will not be made available for the market within the next few months or years.

“Ready To Launch” designs are almost or already fully developed products or services. They may have already been announced to the market but are not yet available for delivery to the market before 2nd July 2017.

The standard submission phase is open for concepts and ready to launch products till 22 March 2017.