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solidLUUV is the first compact camera stabiliser for action cameras and smartphones that enables anyone to shoot smooth, floating footage in every situation: outdoor sports, professional film productions, or just for capturing everyday moments. 


LUUV Forward GmbH, Germany

Team Leads: Felix Kochbeck

Design: Jannis Thiele, Levin  Wagner, Felix Kochbeck


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solidLUUV is the first compact three-axis camera stabiliser for action cameras, smartphones and digital compact cameras that is really designed for its purpose – extensive outdoor use. Finally, there is a possibility for funsport enthusiasts and professionals to capture their skills on floating wobble-free footage. It also allows professional filmmakers to discover exciting new perspectives and angles with little effort; and for everybody else to shoot the best videos they would have ever made without the use of expensive gear. 

solidLUUV builds on the basic principle of the ‘steadycam’ but is completely developed from scratch. Featuring a three-axis-gimbal as its core element, it absorbs the motion from the operator’s body and hand and prevents the transfer of natural vibrations to the camera, as long as equilibrium is established between the upper and the lower part of the gimbal. This way, it is possible to shoot really smooth and floating videos instead of shaky and jittery footage when filming directly with the camera in the hand. 

solidLUUV is designed in a way that makes professional technology accessible to everyone. Developed out of the designers’ very own need to capture snowboard adventures, solidLUUV eliminates the drawbacks and prevailing shortcomings of existing stabilisers while enhancing usability and possibilities for usage by implementing an array of innovative features: It can easily be operated with one hand and works with action cameras, smartphones and digital compact cameras up to 500 grams. 

As every camera has a different weight and consequently, a different centre of gravity, the process of balancing steadycams has been very challenging and time-consuming so far. solidLUUV‘s plug-and-play system changes that by instantly supporting the user in balancing and adjusting the camera or smartphone, with the help of recommended weight plate configurations that can be looked up at, and easily applied from LUUV‘s website. 

Moreover, as the first of its kind, solidLUUV offers an up-and-down mode that allows the user to flip the stabiliser over to film just a few millimetres above the ground and capture, for example, the speed of a downhill race. 

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