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SCARAB Remote Habitation

The SCARAB is a highly adaptable remote research and mission control station.  Meant to house two occupants for extended periods of time of up to two weeks, the SCARAB can be deployed in a variety of mission loadouts including civilian, military and governmental.


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With standard on-board cooking, shower and lavatory, sleeping  bunks and adaptable storage and work areas, the SCARAB is highly adaptable and can be further configured to the unique requirements of the customer.

A large matrix of battery cells under the interior floor panels and an emergency backup generator allow for sufficient use of electronic equipment and lights. Freshwater holding tanks and an on-board filtration system ensure clean potable drinking water for at least two weeks. A centralised air-filtration and climate control system ensures that occupants have clean filtered air.  Chemical and biohazard filters can be outfitted in the central air-filtration system atop the unit.

The SCARAB can be configured with the standard height adjustable levelling base or it can be configured for use on water with a special pontoon system. The height adjustable levelling base ensures the SCARAB adapts to a wide variety of terrains and can even be situated in shallow waters up to depths of 8 feet (2.5 meters). The pontoon base allows for the SCARAB to be anchored further away from the shoreline for such scenarios as deep lakes research or even grouped together to form an off-shore research flotilla capable for extended aquatic studies.

The hull of the SCARAB is engineered and manufactured with aerospace and nautical construction methods and materials. Largely comprised of reinforced carbon fibre, the unit is lightweight and highly-impact resistant. Additional armouring for military use can be specified by the customer. Built with four major panels consisting of the top and bottom, front and back and held together by a unique system of rotation locks, any compromised part of the unit can be quickly replaced in the event of critical damage without compromising the integrity of the rest of the SCARAB's structural system.

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