Winners’ Voices

Alberto Villarreal, Agent, Mexico

“AGENT is a relatively new company and the red dot: luminary award was our first award as a company. So it has motivated the team a lot and it helps position AGENT as a leading firm internationally.

The award also creates great exposure and helps communicate credibility to our clients. The red dot award has become a world known “quality seal”, so having the red dot: luminary is definitely a good starting point for a young company.”

Wu Yu-Ying, Taiwan

“The red dot design award is quite an indicative international competition. Every year I would view and learn from the winning works, so I believe these works must have also been seen by many designers and design lovers. Hence, the award serves as a huge media platform which allows many people to know of your design. I feel that “red dot” is like a common language. You can bring it to any part of the world, and people will understand what it means without the need for much explanation.”

Teuvo Viljamaa, CEO Upstream Engineering Oy., Finland

“The red dot award motivated the designer to make a good concept and design, so it helped us to get better material for our marketing.”

Tsai Cheng-Yu, Taiwan

“Winning a red dot is equivalent to gaining international recognition. It will definitely add points to the product. Moreover, some distribution channels will be willing to put the product on the shelves simply because it won a red dot.”

Park Sangwoo, Park Jongwon, South Korea

“Winning the red dot design award is equivalent to winning the market interest for our design worldwide. Having the title of the red dot: best of the best really built up our confidence that the Mobile Tail will be successful in the market. It was a great achievement for us and the Mobile Tail to be awarded the red dot: best of the best.”


Arman Emami, Emami Design, Germany

“From my point of view the red dot is one of the most prestigious awards you can receive as a product designer. But if you win it twice in a row for the concept and realisation of the same project (USB-Clip), then that is like Easter and Christmas on the same day. This is of course a great sense of achievement.”

Philips Design, Netherlands

“We joined the red dot award because it is an international recognition and reward by professionals and colleague designers”.

Marco Goffi, Italy

“(Winning a red dot) meant the possibility to get an international recognition with a special label, special vehicle to stimulate the media interest.”

Rainer Mutsch, Austria

“For me as an author-designer, who likes to develop projects on his own even without concrete assignments by manufacturers, my main interest for participating the red dot award: design concept was to show a fresh, rather experimental concept to a professional jury and audience.”

Xiaoxi Shi, USA

“I think that the red dot award: design concept is a great opportunity and platform for all designers to make their good concept shine. Every designer should bring his or her ideas to red dot and share them with people who love design.”

Francesco Sommacal, Italy

“With this project I was featured in publications all over the world, it was truly a sensational experience winning a prestigious award like the “red dot award: luminary”.

“The red dot luminary award brought me into the global spotlight in the field of product design, as it is one of the most popular and prestigious awards for a young designer.”


“Our goal was to unveil a truly global product on a prestigious global stage: The red dot award. And given the notice we’ve received since winning a design award, we’ve met that goal.”

Wu Tung Chih, Taiwan

“Through the red dot award’s recognition of my talents, I am able to more specifically benchmark my design ability, and it had also allowed my school projects to receive a more credible assessment.”

“The red dot design award has helped us to strengthen our projects in response to the different design categories, as well as allow us to learn from the past works of previous winners. All these would greatly enhance a student’s professional design ability.”

“So, in a nutshell, the two main advantages that I have achieved through the red dot award: design concept is the ability to acquire a clear understanding of my designs’ positioning in the international arena, and a marked improvement in my aptitude for design”