Design concept 2017 set to begin on 2nd January

Worldwide search for the best concepts and ready to launch products will begin.

red dot design award

red dot award

From a business and career perspective, the Red Dot design award presents an independent seal of endorsement for companies and designers in their communication and marketing, aiding consumers in the differentiation of good and mediocre design within a crowded marketplace.

A design concept is the starting point of the design journey. With more than a decade of uncovering the best and most advanced design concepts and ready to launch products, the Red Dot Award: Design Concept has set the foundations of the annual Red Dot Design Ranking as an industry benchmark.

In 2016, companies, design studios, universities and designers alike from 60 countries submitted 4,698 of their best innovative ideas, concepts and ready to launch products –  demonstrating the international significance of the award. Since 2005, the Red Dot Award: Design Concept has become today’s largest and most prestigious award for design concepts at a professional level.

Early submission discounts start from 2 January 2017, prepare and submit entries for the award before 1 February 2017 to take advantage of the discounts.