Reasons to Win



The Red Dot is a recognised international seal for excellence in design innovation. Winning a Red Dot is a highly effective way to communicate of your design and innovation leadership, enhancing mindshare and increasing your brand value to the world. More

Design Studios


Designing for clients often mean that your name is not known. Many outstanding design studios continue to live in the shadow of successful clients. Winning a Red Dot would provide credit, highlight your existence, widening your client base. More



Winning a Red Dot entitles the design research to be published in a credible and respected medium.  Winning design concepts are published in the annual yearbook, an apple app, a full year exhibition at the Red Dot Design Museum Singapore, online exhibition on the award’s website and traveling exhibition. More



This is the only award that evaluates the submitted entries purely on its design merit and not by who submitted the entries.  As a designer, whether you are already practicing or still a student, when you win, you win at the highest level. More