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Quick Assembling Blind Tracks

When there are road works in the city, Quick Assembling Blind Tracks can be quickly deployed in construction, creating a temporary blind sidewalk.
Quick Assembling Blind Tracks is a quick solution to a temporary blind sidewalk.

During road works and construction, the blind sidewalk is often obstructed. For most people, they can spot the warning signs and directions that re-route the pedestrian walkway. However, there has yet to be an effective solution for the blind, warning them of the obstruction. This system of blind tracks is designed using standardised blind sidewalk components. It can be easily assembled as a temporary blind sidewalk. The surfaces are made with anti-skid hard runway rubber. The product is easy to install without using any tools.


Hangzhou Jihe Technology of Zhejiang University
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Zhang Xusheng, Sui Haiyan
Design: Cui Weijian, Jin Qi, Li Yuwei, Liu Haimin, Wang Ziling, Wu Shang, Yang Jinghui, Zheng Dawei


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