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Pointer is a wine glass designed for outdoor use, in a way that prevents wine from being spilled. The wine glass can be pinned to the ground without worrying about it tipping over at the first movement of the wind.


Ramona Enache

Pointer is the perfect tool to take along on a picnic, to the beach or when one simply wants to lay in the grass and share a bottle of wine with others. The design combines elegance with practicality, incorporating all the characteristics of a classy wine glass while partially replacing the glass leg with a metal pin that is made of stainless steel. Instead of looking for a table to rest the wine glass, a glass of wine can now be pinned to the ground.

Pointer was an object born out of the designer’s annoyance when she couldn’t keep her wine glass steady on the grass. In the first 6 months, she produced the first 200 Pointer glasses with her bare hands before deciding to invest in mechanical production. The first Pointer prototypes have reached 11 different countries in 3 different continents across the globe.


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