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Orion Dental Camera

Orion Dental Camera is a consumer camera that provides dental monitoring of the entire family. Through software analysis, it matches pictures recorded of the teeth over time and through a mobile application, notifies the user if changes are detected.

Photography is already frequently used for cosmetic dental care but it also has the potential to be used for determining the status of the enamel, possible cavities and inflammation in the gums, etc. Orion Dental Camera takes this technology one step further and into the comforts of one’s own home. It empowers the user by providing knowledge and feedback from the software analysis and expert assessments from the user’s own dentist. The dental camera is easy to use and it is a cost-effective alternative for dental monitoring and management. 

The Orion Dental Camera kit consists of three components: a mouthpiece (containing fibre optics and lenses), a handheld electronics unit (the camera) and a docking station (for storage, transferring of information and disinfection). The kit comes with multiple mouthpieces in different sizes, so that Orion can provide oral health monitoring for an entire family without the anxiety, cost and hassle of going to the dentist. Orion will, through regular monitoring, detect and inform the user at an early stage if preventive actions are to be taken, so painful treatments can be avoided. Pictures can also be directly uploaded to a connected dentist for clinical assessment.

The camera works by taking multiple close-up shots of the teeth before the photographs are extracted from the camera and uploaded for panoramic assembly. After which, an automatic analysis is made by comparing the latest images with earlier panoramic assemblies, clinical examinations and questionnaires. This information is then downloaded and presented to the user though the mobile application for easy monitoring.


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