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Yi Jia Bao Intelligent Medicine Cabinet

This is a home-based smart medicine cabinet. With the introduction of telemedicine-concept products, new modes of contact are established between hospitals and patients. Patients can receive expert consultation and treatment at home.


Shenzhen Perth Industrial Design Co., Ltd, China
Team lead: Shang Jianfeng 
Design: Wenhui, Yue Fangbing, Zhou Ying 

Shangxi Shiqiang Industry Co., Ltd, China
Team lead: Li Kun

In the past it has been difficult for those living in remote areas to access professional medical services. Telemedicine products are now bridging the gap. They can also prove useful for city-dwellers whose fast pace of life prevents good habits in terms of health check-ups, and whose lifestyles lead to poor health. In general, ageing societies, high-stress lifestyles, and a lack of exercise mean that people’s physical health has become a growing topic of concern. 

The family doctor will always be the means of solving difficult health problems. The processing of general tests and the related data, however, can be managed remotely to reduce strain on the hospital system. Yi Jia Bao allows users to conveniently manage health data at home, without having to go to the hospital, join queues, and waste time. It connects to medical institutions and allows family members to monitor the patient’s data. 

The system manages daily test data, monitors the taking of medicine, and sends real-time summaries to a mobile app. If early warning signs of health problems are detected, a medical appointment can be made immediately. If the patient runs out of medicine, the system will send a message to the user with the drug details and the location of the nearest pharmacy. 

The structure of the appliance is bent metal. No moulds would be used for its production. The casing is plastic, and is fixed onto the frame without external screws for a tidy appearance. The hardware combination within can be adjusted. A simple assembly process reduces the input of human labour.


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