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Wire Ice Remover

The Wire Ice Remover is a new type of product that can be used on outdoor electric and communication cables to relief them of frost and ice quickly and easily.


Dalian Nationalities University
School of Design, China

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Bao Haimo

Design: Zhang Lin, He Chengang, Song Jialin, Liu Hai, Zhang Xiaoliang, Huang Yuanxuan, Yu Hao, Qiao Song

Icy rain caused by cold weather brings about huge damage to wires, breaking them if the encasing ice on the wire is not removed in time. As a solution, the Wire Ice Remover is a equipment that can slide across the length of the wire to remove ice quickly and easily. The size of the remover can be modified to suit different degrees of frosting and the equipment can complete operations in places that are unreachable by humans.


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From the ground, people can control the moving speed and working strength of the Wire Ice Remover through a camera. The outer rotating bit tool breaks the big icy chunks first, and the inner vibrating bit tool shakes away the remaining ice on the wire. The entire equipment moves stably on a generator and wheels.

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