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Windflock is a wind-energy system based on a modular structure. It is an open and flexible ‘add-on’ system made of mini windmills, and works like a LEGO puzzle. Any number of mini windmills can be connected to each other. The structure arising from this application resembles a 3D crystal composition.


Emamidesign, Germany

Team lead: Arman Emami

The existing wind energy plants of today cannot be easily integrated into the environment. They do not readily fit with architecture or landscape. Additionally, their shape cannot be changed because any modification would affect their efficiency.

Windflock offers the same efficiency without sticking to an unalterable shape. It consists of small windmills that can be connected one into another in a modular construction system. The design is flexible; it can be enlarged or reduced without affecting the overall picture. It has a flexible geometry; this is a very important point because the higher the location, the stronger the wind affecting the construction. It can be applied in the contexts of architecture, landscape, and industry. 

Windflock works like a standard windmill. The turbines turn the kinetic wind energy into electric energy that can be used as power. This windmill is composed of three main parts: three rotor blades, an engine or rotator, and a back wing. The rotor blades spin in order to collect energy and transfer it to the rotator, which transforms this natural energy into electrical energy. 

The wing on the back contributes to an optimal position at all times. If the wind blows against the wing then the rotator automatically moves to bring it to the right position. Windflock may be located between buildings or atop them as part of the whole construction.

It is easy to connect the windmills. They are made of standard bars and joints that work like LEGO pieces. These joints can have two, three, four or five holes, depending on how many bars the user wants to connect in order to create the desired structure. The structure supporting the windmills is made of steel bars and joints that allow a high and wide build. This is an important point considering that wind increases with height.


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