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Wind Ball

Wind Ball is an air circulation fan that combines a cooling function with a purifying function


Shenzhen Lianchuang Technology Group Co., Ltd, China
Team Lead: Huang Peng
Design: Zhang Xuefei , Liu Zhizhao, Pang Yapeng 

This is a new and innovative air circulator fan designed to function in two modes: the air purification mode and the air-cooling mode. Its internal working adopts a powerful turbo fan motor with HEPA filter. In the air purification mode, the dusty air goes through the HEPA and the dust and impurities will be cleaned before clean air is released. In the air-cooling mode, the HEPA filter will rise up from the inner body to stop air from getting through the HEPA filter. Now, the fan can be used for air circulation around the room. 

A built-in smart sensor technology also reminds users to switch to the air purification mode once an unsatisfactory indoor air quality is detected. The centrifugal fan keeps an internal 360° oscillation which is capable of a large air circulation area. With one slight push, Wind Ball keeps the air in every corner of a house clean and cool.


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