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Whiskey armchair expresses a playful exuberance of style. It encourages users to use their imagination and participate in its design through the interchangeability of its ottomans, which can be configured in a variety of ways.


Elena Trevisan

Whiskey is inspired by a glass with cubed ice and expresses a playful exuberance of style. With its strong sculptural and recognisable character, this brightly coloured chair is intended to appeal to a youthful and enterprising market, and yet possess a universal quality that comes from a pure aesthetic. Whiskey provides a high degree of elasticity and dynamism in the spatial context in which it is used. The backrest is constructed from a moulded piece of oak plywood and the seat composed of two upholstered ottomans that can be used together or separately.

Whiskey encourages a variety of sitting positions, provides continuous support for the back, and allows the user to move his legs freely.  Its “interactive” design is especially fitting for public settings and is equal parts function and play. In addition, Whiskey’s oversized proportions permit two people to sit side-by-side in relative comfort. With their shapes and colours, Whiskey chairs readily arouse visual connections with the surrounding space, forming a rhythmical “chair-scape”. The modularity inherent to the proposed design gives Whiskey possibilities to be developed in several configurations – as a chair, a lounge chair, or a sofa.


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