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Wheel Battery

Wheel Battery provides a rapid charging solution for emergencies by using an auxiliary battery that gets charged through the electricity generated by the car’s running wheels.


Hoseo University, South Korea
Faculty Advisor: Prof. Doh Han Young
Design: Kim Kun Hyung, Hwang Ki Nam, Hong Ji Hee, Park Yonghwa

 The demand for electric cars has been quickly increasing in recent times but due to present infrastructural insufficiencies, electric car users face difficulties finding charging points to recharge their car batteries. This creates a certain amount of reluctance in people to switch over to electric cars. On average, an hour’s charge on 220V allows an electric car to drive over 10 kilometres. To recharge a car completely, an electric car user would need at least 10 hours of charging time. 

As an alternative solution, Wheel Battery proposes an auxiliary battery that can be installed in the wheels. This auxiliary battery gets rapidly charged by the electricity generated by the car’s running wheels. It functions as an alternative to the car battery in the emergency event that no charging points are available. Wheel Battery has been designed so that the user can easily plug in and unplug. For even more convenience, the battery status and charged amount is also indicated on the exterior of the auxiliary battery.


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