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WAVE is an integrated, compact air conditioner and air purifier that produces cool and clean air, but its sub-body can also be detached and used as a portable air purifier. Based on the idea “form follows function”, the design of WAVE minimises all unnecessary elements to increase usability. Its aesthetic however, have been thoroughly considered to produce a simple exterior that not only blends in with the environment, but also adds a sense of modernity to the home.

Wall-mounted, the air conditioner (the bigger component on the left) is connected to a smaller dock on the right that charges and holds the portable air purifier. The main control buttons are located to the right of the air conditioner and a screen displays the current indoor temperature and air volume. The relationship between the air conditioner and the air purifier components become a very important factor when designing the exterior form. When used together, the two functions have to work and be perceived as one. When used separately, two parts still have to hold their own integral forms.


WAVE is a compact home electronic device that integrates the functions of an air conditioner and air purifier to produce cool, clean air. Its sub-body can be carried around as a portable air purifier.


GD Midea Air-Conditioner Equipment Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Li Sanxin
Design: Chen Weiran, Tu Qinghua, Shao Jinpeng, Wei Ziwei, Zhou Lilong

The air conditioner releases a spiral airflow that cools the entire house more efficiently without causing physical discomfort like traditional air conditioners do. Its air inlet is located at the rear and cool air comes out from an outlet in front. On the contrary, the shape of the air purifier’s inlet and outlet depends on the demands of airflow. 

Pressing the release handle unlocks the air purifier from the charging dock. Like the overall design, the air purifier itself has a simple exterior that co-exists seamlessly with any environment. The ergonomically shaped edge of the purifier fits comfortably in the hands of the user. Fresh air enters an inlet centrally located on the front cover and purified air is released through the “pores” at the rear. The illuminating indicator displays three different colours representing different degrees of indoor air quality. The filter can be easily replaced by opening the cover.


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