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Water Network

Water Network has created not only a data bank of personal water consumption, which turns the daily water consumption into visible data, but also a social platform that encourages and connects all people to save water for inhabitants of water-deficient areas.

In Water Network, each participant is required to upload his or her fingerprint onto a cloud platform and set up a personal ‘water bank’. When the individual wants to use water, his or her fingerprint is required to turn on the water equipment. The Water Network application software (APP) will then keep a record of the participant’s daily water consumption automatically. The user has to pay a higher price for any consumption beyond the APP-proposed reasonable volume of daily water use that is rated based on individual profiles. 


Dr. Zhu Zhaohua, Prof. Gao Zhu, Prof. Ji Xiaomin, Cao Bingyi, Li Cuicui

The Water Network APP promotes a collective sense of participation in water conservation because people can interact with others and share their water conservancy rating. This encourages mutual water conservancy. Donation of water saved can also be made through the Water Network APP to the International Foundation for the Protection of Drinking Water (IFPDW), which will distribute it to people short of water all over the world. The Water Network provides infinite possibilities.


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