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Water Mask Dispenser

Water Mask Dispenser is an emergency device that saves lives in the event of fire.


Park Hyunsu, Woo Minseop, Kim Jaeyeon, Lee Hanna
South Korea


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One common fire drill method is to cover the nose and mouth with a wet towel. However, it may be difficult finding water in the subway, office or school. It also takes time and effort to put on a gas mask. This Water Mask Dispenser saves more lives in just one “pulling” motion. 

In the event of a fire emergency, victims only have to pull open the door of the mask dispenser casing. A chain links the lid to the cap of the water tank. This pulling motion removes the cap of the water tank and water is immediately dispensed onto the disposable masks stored below the tank. Victims now have masks that are already wet to protect their respiratory system.

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