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Wall-Mountable Microwave Oven

Conventional microwave ovens usually take up too much space with its rectangular form, or have a complicated user interface. With the wall-mountable microwave oven, the designer seeks to improve the design, form, space-efficiency and ease of use.

The door of a traditional microwave oven usually swings outwards. Therefore, when installing a microwave, space becomes a consideration. To remove this spatial restriction and increase convenience, a wall-mount type microwave oven was devised. This wall-mounted oven can be installed in the most accessible of place without occupy horizontal surface area. Furthermore, existing microwave ovens have a round rotating tray for heating food evenly, which technically leaves the corners the oven’s rectangular outer frame unusable and pointless.  


Choi Yousong
South Korea

This oven is very simple and intuitive to use. When not in use, it is folded up against the wall and its compact volume barely takes up any air space. To heat up the food, simply release the external door, which comes down like a tray, then place the food on this tray and pull down the microwave cover to close. From here, simply set the cooking time and method on the touchscreen and press start. When the process is completed, pull back the microwave cover, remove the food and lift the tray back into position to close. It only takes a few steps to heat up the food and “keep away” the microwave oven. As some parts of the microwave oven can be separated, this also makes it convenient to clean.


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