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Vivatmo Me – Therapy Management

Vivatmo me is a small, compact, and lightweight portable system designed to allow patients to monitor chronic respiratory diseases at home. Based on innovative miniaturised sensor technology, this device is easy to use for both children and adults suffering from airway inflammation.


Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH and Puls Produktdesign, Germany

Team Lead: Dr. Sonja Lauterbach, Marc Meier

Design: Dieter Fornoff, Torsten Richter, Benjamin Kürbiß, Tilo Endt, Karl-Heinz Nuebel

Patients with allergic airway inflammation usually have an increased concentration of the inflammatory marker NO in their exhaled breath. With the Vivatmo products from Bosch, doctors and asthma patients can measure the NO value quickly and accurately. This helps the attending physician reach a diagnosis and decide on the right therapy.

The Vivatmo me system will be the first home-use measurement device that allows quick and easy, non-invasive measurement of the status of individual airway inflammation. The device is a significant advancement in the area of respiratory solutions because it enables patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases to monitor their disease at home. Vivatmo Me is set to be the perfect companion for all children and adults who suffer from chronic respiratory disease. It gives both patients and their families the feeling of more control over the disease in their daily life.

The small, compact, and lightweight portable system targets chronically ill patients. Affected patients and respiratory healthcare professionals were involved in designing the device and the intelligent mouthpiece so as to gain in-depth insights into the user experience. The user simply attaches a fresh, single-use mouthpiece to the device and then exhales evenly into the instrument as if blowing on a cup of hot tea. The result is shown on the Vivatmo me interface and can be transferred into the personal Vivatmo app via Bluetooth foe various purposes, such as continuous monitoring.

This innovative technology is also reflected in the product’s unique design. Flowing and dynamic lines express the main idea of air passing through the device. The simple and vivid design gives the product a distinctive appearance, more like a musical instrument than a classic medical device. The use of the device involves two steps: blowing into the device to measure exhaled air, followed by reading and evaluation of the measurement results. 

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