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Vertical Type Printer

Printers on the market today are usually horizontal in form and takes up too much interior space. The Vertical Type Printer is a response to this inconvenience.


Jiang Yujie

Printers are important equipment in our work and daily life. The designer observed that traditional horizontal-type printers take up too much interior space. As a response, he created a vertically standing laser printer with a sleek and compact form. This printer is designed for small studio spaces and family homes that need printers for light-to-medium-duty usage.

In general, it is difficult to replenish the printer toner and an all-new Selenium drum is expensive. As such, this printer houses four replaceable colour drum units. Unlike traditional printers, when the Vertical Type Printer is in use, the four colour drum units will print on a transfer medium before transferring the print onto paper. With all the functions combined into a compact cylindrical form, there will be more space for other functions in a studio or home.


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