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Vehicle-Mounted Sunshade Roof Rack

This is a mountable portable solar carport concept that shields the car from the hot sun while gaining solar energy via thin film solar cells.


Ding Zhiyong

Here is a new solar carport and sunshade concept that contains a sheet of thin film solar cells rolled up in a cylindrical holder, which can be assembled on the roof rack of a car. It is designed with a rotational device that, when rotated at a 90-degree angle, enables the thin film solar cells to be fully extended across the car from front to rear. This device harnesses the malleable characteristic of the thin film solar cells, takes full advantage of the length of the car body and allows the solar cells to be packed up compactly.

After the car is parked, the portable carport can be opened anytime and anywhere without occupying more than a single parking space. Not only is the car’s exposure to sun effectively reduced, the solar panels on the carport can generate up to 150 to 200 watts with the sun’s vertical rays. This solar energy will be directly stored as electrical power in an on-board lithium battery pack and employed to charge up an electric vehicle.


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