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Uplift is a personal utility cart with the ability to collapse and directly load itself into a vehicle’s storage compartment to eliminate the effort of repetitive loading/unloading and heavy lifting.

The essential task of grocery shopping becomes difficult for third-age adults who commonly experience a decrease in strength and mobility. While a grocery cart helps to alleviate the strain of carrying a volume of items, it cannot be used after leaving the store, and the user is still required to manually unload their items from the cart prior to departure. 


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At home, the user must exert a great amount of strength and stamina to unload and continuously carry multiple loads from the car to the house. This typically causes exhaustion for those with lower strength and stamina. Uplift addresses this issue by taking away the required effort of repetitive loading/unloading and heavy lifting.

Uplift is a personal trolley to be used at the store and at home. Users no longer need to unload items one by one, but simply keep the items in the basket and have Uplift neatly collapse directly into their vehicle’s storage compartment. To load Uplift into the car, the user must position the cart behind their car compartment, press the unlock button, push the basket into the storage space, and pull up the legs to fold. Uplift collapses in a downward motion toward the storage compartment, making for an easy and automatic height adjustment. 

Research reveals that those in the third age tend to shop more frequently, and in lower volumes, making Uplift’s size appropriate for the task and compatible for most standard car compartments. Its aluminium frame makes it lightweight but durable, and gives it a sleek aesthetic. Silicone over moulding on the front legs and handle provides collision protection and a comfortable grip, while a removable basket provides versatility and ease of maintenance. The vibrant colour provides visibility for safety, but also evokes vitality and an energetic tone. 

For unloading, the user must unfold the legs, pull the cart up to automatically lock it into position, and simply push the items in one trip. Uplift provides convenience and supports independence by minimising effort to make the shopping experience easier for aging adults.

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