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Unveil consists of a collection of shirts with hidden mechanisms that allow patients to wear their portacath-catheter discreetly, thus freeing the patient from the hospital gown when it’s not necessary and all the attached negative memories.


Kaleb Cardenas, Javier Rebolledo, Mariana Pedroza, Alonso Benavidez, Carlos Villa


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A portacath is an IV catheter used by patients who require repeated access to their venous system for chemotherapy, blood transfusions and draws, etc. It is placed under the skin around the upper chest area and connects to the heart. However, in order to guarantee safe access, the skin around the portacath must be cleaned and cleared from the clothing. As such, patients either adapt their clothing or restrict themselves to non-obstructive garments.

Unveil is a collection of clothing specifically designed for the comfort of portacath users. The collection consists of a dress shirt and a casual shirt in male and female styles, with an “unveiling” mechanism on both sides that grant access to the portacath device, of which placement varies. The shirt only has to be sufficiently unbuttoned to clear the device safely, before unzipping the top mechanism towards the shoulder, allowing the remaining fabric to be moved away. The opening can be easily and discreetly concealed after the procedure. 

The dress shirt is meant for patients who require maintenance for their portacath device every three to four months. These visits are relatively quick and the patient will be able to wear this shirt throughout his maintenance day with the portacath concealed. The casual shirt is aimed towards patients who don’t require hospitalisation but require long treatment through their portacath. Made with soft and light 100% cotton fabric, coupled with a long and wide fit for added mobility, it ensures a long treatment in this shirt is as comfortable as possible. It also has a double-layer design for added comfort and perspiration control and a shoulder opening that allows the treatment tube to be handled.

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