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Ubike is a new transportation solution that integrates long distance capabilities into an electric bicycle that can be converted into a unicycle. It is an exploration for “the last mile” issue in transportation.


Zhejiang University, China
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Li Xiangdong, Chen Shi
Design: Zhang Han, Liu Hongmiao, Gao Weiyue, Wang Honglie, Liu Yizhou, Chen Yue, Liu Mingyu, Lou Jianan

Ubike, which is short for Uni-bicycle, combines a unicycle and a bicycle to offer a different transport solution and an alternative method for travelling “the last mile”. Its scooter function works like a simple and practical electric bicycle and can be converted into a self-balancing unicycle for office commute.

When used as an electric bicycle, Ubike is essentially a trendy electro car. The cruising time and capacity can be lengthened by adding an external battery in the rear frame. The Ubike can also be unlocked easily to take down the head tube and remove the rear frame to use as a self-balancing unicycle.


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