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Twins Hanger

Twins Hanger is a clothes hanger that is specially designed to dry wet laundry more efficiently.


Narkii (Fujian) Information Technology Co., Ltd., China
Team Lead: Zhuang Jinlong

When drying normal lightweight laundry, normal hangers may work just fine. However, at times the fabric may stick together due to moisture, which slows down the drying process. When drying heavier fabric, sometimes the weight of moisture may even weigh down the fabric, resulting in garments that go out of shape. A solution is to combine two or more hangers to spread out and dry heavier fabric, but this takes up a lot of space.

Twins Hanger is designed to manage this problem. A single hanger can open and split into two (at a 120 degree angle) while still attached to the same hook. This allows more air to circulate between the fabric, thus drying them more efficiently. This is a convenient and practical solution that replaces traditional drying methods and racks.


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