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TweetMe offers an opportunity for the public to experience the New Zealand forest and explore issues of ecology and conservation.


Tanya Marriott
New Zealand

Forests once filled with the sound of birdsong are now silent, the inhabitants driven out by a steady stream of predators they cannot defend. TweetMe was an installation designed as a prototype for tangible activated narrative applied within an installation context.

The project was commissioned for the Department of Conservation information centres to explore a potential educational tool that would engage the public in ecological preservation. There were two components to this installation – one as an educational tool and the other as a mode of branding. 

The first component involved a cross-sectional installation of native New Zealand trees, accompanied by a 3D digital projection of wildlife in “day and night” settings, and an ambient forest soundtrack. The installation was activated by interaction with visitors. The idea was to entice the public to learn more about New Zealand birds and understand the measures taken to ensure their preservation. 

The second component was a visual display of New Zealand wildlife using visual merchandising consisting of tree sculptures, vinyl decals, and bird toys. The entire installation was digitally manufactured from flat packed materials, and it can be reiterated to represent any native flora or fauna.


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