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Triple Gas Burner

The Triple Gas Burner is a highly portable stove with attached gas bottles that solves all the inconveniences of outdoor cooking.


Choi Yoonjae, Baek Juhyun , Beck Hansol, Lee Yong Burm
South Korea

In order to use a portable stove, one still has to carry extra bottles of Butane gas on top of the already bulky stove. When the gas bottles go empty, they will have to be replaced and properly disposed of. Furthermore, it is hard to visually judge from the gas bottle when the gas runs out. By using the Triple Gas Burner, one can solve all these inconveniences at once.

The gas bottles of the Triple Gas Burner can be folded for portability, or extended into a self-standing position and function as a stove. A red indicator light on each of the three bottles tells the user when the gas is used up.


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