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A single household is rarely equipped with a complete toolbox. Tools are used only occasionally, so it is a waste of money to buy a complete set. With Tool Share, there is no need to buy tools; they can be freely shared. The whole process is very simple: download the Tool Share application, reserve the tool you want through the app, receive a tool reservation PIN code, and then go to a vending machine to retrieve the tool (which will be housed in a toolbox) using the PIN. 

In other words, with the Tool Share app, users can select the tool they need from the reserve menu, as well as the date and place that they would like to retrieve it. When users want to return the tool, the process is equally easy. Press the return button on the vending machine and put the toolbox in the return basket. The return process is complete. 

One of the advantages of Tool Share is that the condition of the tools is constantly monitored. If a tool is damaged, the user can easily report it with the app or through the vending machine. People can also donate tools to replace the damaged ones. 

If someone does not know how to use a particular tool, they can access an NFC tag on the toolbox and tool. This links them to a YouTube video about how to use the tool. In case of robbery or misuse, chipsets based on GPS are built into every tool and box. If the toolbox is beyond the designated area or if the loan period has expired, Tool Share has the right to trace the toolbox to the user who rented it.

Tool Share

Tool Share is a tool sharing system that allows the free use of tools. It was inspired by the sharing economy. The easy borrowing process allows participants to retrieve (and return) the tools they need from vending machines. 


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