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Tie Plus

The design connects two bundles of wires with a cable tie. It is a new concept that allows anyone to cut a cable tie without using a cutting tool.


Dr. Seok Jaeheuck, Ko Yunseo, Seo Joyeong, Nam Soonwoo
South Korea


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Tie Plus aims to find a solution to cut cable ties without tools. Since a cable tie is generally made from vinyl, it has both flexibility and strength. This is how the solution for an easy cutting method is devised. 

V-shaped furrows are arranged at regular intervals at the edge of the cable tie. After bundling up strands of wires with the cable tie, the unwanted section can be easily cut by spinning the section with the furrows at the edge. The edges of the V-shaped furrows are rounded to prevent skin or clothes from being scratched by the cut cables.

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