The domestic kitchen is the theatre of hyper-sophisticated equipment. Considering how these products are futile without electricity, this project optimises old solutions with modern knowledge.


ENSCI – Les Ateliers, France
Faculty Advisor: Jean-Francois Dingjian
Design: Antoine Pateau

The Muscle, the Gear and the Carrot is a food processor concept that is representative of the tools in a contemporary kitchen. However, without electricity, the food processor becomes a large useless object. The project considers how hyper-sophisticated domestic equipment are not designed to integrate with the kitchen in this respect. Modern kitchen equipment are so task-specific that they are often cumbersome and difficult to appropriate for other uses. This project provides a vision to optimise old kitchen solutions with modern knowledge and does this by returning to the qualities of manual tools without sacrificing the utility and comfort of use over time.

As an illustration of this concept, a food processor was re-imagined as a multifunctional manual mill that is attached to the wall. When the wooden lever is activated, the movement of the equipment is multiplied tenfold by a visible flywheel mechanism. Different types of attachment can be fixed to the main body to fulfil different functions – a chopper for vegetables, a grinder for seeds and coffee beans, a salad spinner to dry salad leaves, a blender to whip up a quick drink, a dough hook for kneading bread, a whisk for beating eggs, a paddle for general mixing purposes, etc. The rotation is transmitted by a hexagonal pattern. A lid is added for the functions that require it. 

The lever is made of stained satin beech wood that is reminiscent of the contact between the hand and the wooden handles on kitchen tools traditionally. The mechanical crankcase is lightweight cast aluminium, reminiscent of the body of choppers on kitchen tops. The flywheel is made from cast iron, all utensils are in stainless steel and all lids in cast aluminium. The internal gears uses nylon for lighter, quieter movement and their auto-lubrication properties. Every mechanical organ available on the market will be arranged at best, and re-machined to fit if necessary.


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