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The Mobile Suit

The Mobile Suit can be transformed from “mobile mode” to “desk mode” with one simple slide. The “desk mode” creates more space for the legs, while the risen edge around the desktop in the “mobile mode” keeps things from falling off.


Zhou Yixu, Kosmos

Packing and tidying things on a desktop while moving from one place to another frequently can be a tiresome routine. The Mobile Suit, with one simple slide, transforms from “mobile mode” to “desk mode”. Moving and working now becomes a simple and elegant process.

In the “mobile mode”, without having to take anything away from the desktop, the risen edge around the desk keeps things from falling off the desk due to inertia. The user can also use this edge as a handle to pull the whole suite away. While working in the “desk mode”, the risen edge does not come in the way of arms and hands because it slides away. This also creates a wider desk surface and more space for the legs and feet.

The Mobile Suit can be moved and transported easily and swiftly. The designer hopes to inspire more designs solutions that enable comfortable transitions between work and movement.


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