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The Lifestyle Cabin

The Lifestyle Cabin concept illustrates possible aircraft interior design in ten years’ time, and aims to provoke conversation around the future of the aerospace industry. The concept, unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, is visualised through a 1:20 scale aircraft 3D model.

Themed “Desire Lines”, the concept sets out to eradicate the traditional grid-like aircraft interior layout and redefine how passengers move around the cabin. “Desire Lines” takes inspiration from the natural flow and free movement of people – specifically in urban settings, creating an environment where passengers will feel energised, revitalised and rested. The concept demonstrates a reclassification that shifts away from a hierarchical system. With only a small percentage reduction on capacity, different revenue streams are created using berths, modular seating and self-service points.

The three key themes of the concept are: creating a more human experience on-board the aircraft that promotes passengers’ well-being; challenging the architecture of today’s platforms by creating new user experiences; exploring new ways to support airlines in differentiating themselves and in generating additional revenue streams.


Zodiac Aerospace, France
Team Lead: Victor Carlioz
Design: Matthew Cleary, Felix Lorsignol, Lito Karatsoli 

New Territory, United Kingdom
Team Lead: Hugo Jamson


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An accompanying visual effects work is also featured on six screens mounted on a light box. The screens bring the interior concept to life through rendered images that show fluid natural movements of passengers around the cabin by visualising the following areas: 

1. Sleeper Service: Private suites with a sofa bed, wide-screen in-flight entertainment and a social or working space for two passengers.

2. Universal Rest (premium sub-cabin): A premium seat designed to give maximum freedom of movement. 

3. Blended Space (lounge): The layout of the cabin’s amenities makes accessing the galleys, lavatories or social spaces a pleasurable and interactive experience.

4. Private Berth: The crown space of an aircraft traditionally dedicated to cabin bins or crew rest is used to offer a private bed to passengers.

5. Light Lounge (corridor): The corridor provides a more relaxed space for a more efficient and pleasant boarding and access.

6. Modular Economy: A modular and customisable seating system to meet the needs of solo travellers and families.

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