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The Barcode is an innovative metal comb concept from Tough & Tumble, and the world’s first comb to generate the comb teeth based on the date of birth of each user. Comb teeth will be generated in uniquely random patterns with three encoded options: wide, medium and fine comb. Each option allows users to create a different combed-through hairstyle.


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THE BARCODE - T&T Metal Comb

The Barcode is a groundbreaking metal comb that generates the comb teeth by analysing the date of birth of individual users to create different hairstyles.


Lory Pongpol
United States

The Barcode is a powerful hairstyling tool with an elegant design and handcrafted finish. The comb body was designed in a minimal style that enhances the functionality. With its dimensions measuring 5” (12.7cm) by 1.9” (4.8cm), it provides a great grip for male users. Its 0.1” (0.2cm) thick high quality stainless steel is surprisingly weighted, which helps each comb teeth run smoothly through the hair without any friction, thus reducing hair loss. The Barcode offers great control to characterise one’s own hair contour and is made to last a lifetime.

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