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Thalès is a collection of furniture that can be disassembled. The design centres around the concept of packaging flatness and the ease of mass production process.


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Quentin Gervaise

Thalès is a collection of furniture that began with two ambitious challenges: to achieve a balanced marriage of two materials while efficiently utilising the technical properties of each; and to propose a final product that is relevant to the market in terms of both cost and distribution paths. Made of bent steel tubes and solid wood, the correct material selection is crucial to a valuable final product – the steel should enhance the timber. A strong understanding of how the efforts are distributed was key in choosing the appropriate materials.

The tabletop and most parts of the table legs are made of timber in a coherent manner. A bent steel tube supports and joins the timber parts, while the shape itself responds to the triangular form of the assembled product. The flatness of the packaging reduces storage volume and shipping costs and this was a major consideration in the development of the project. This puts the product in an advantageous position on the market. Assembling the product is straightforward and intuitive. The timber and steel legs are assembled and sealed in a factory. The customer will only have to fix six identical screws that are provided with the furniture to secure each piece of furniture.

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