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Teapot The Dew

The formation of the dewdrop is a process of accumulation; it will absorb moisture and grow gradually. The same process occurs during the making of tea with this teapot.


Hongxin Zhang
United States


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This teapot places the brewing of tea into direct view. Its function was inspired by the traditional Italian coffee maker, and its form was inspired by dew drops. Water is placed in the lower part of the teapot and tea leaves in the upper glass chamber atop a filter component. As the water is heated, it will rise under pressure through the central stem and push upwards through the tea leaves. 

Steam will be formed, condense as droplets on the glass, and return to liquid form. When the heat source is removed, the temperature and pressure changes and the water drips back to the lower chamber as brewed tea. The tea leaves remain in the upper chamber. With this ‘new’ way of making tea, the designer hopes to promote enjoyment of green tea.

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