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Take a Seat! Canopy Table

Take a Seat! canopy table is an urban intervention and a line of unique urban furniture that feature interesting pre-dimensioned shapes. The constructive part of the table remains unchanged year on year, but the canopy above it changes.

Take a Seat! is a picnic table with an integrated canopy that provides both shade and a light source. It uses industrial products in new and innovative ways to create a functional new object that can enliven public spaces. Two versions of Take a Seat! have been developed. The Spring / Summer 2013 edition was installed at the Museum Square, Ljubljana. Its giant cushion-like canopy is a pneumatic structure made of air-filled dunnage bags used to fill empty spaces in transportation containers. This no-maintenance canopy is resistant to water, wind and fluctuations in temperature.


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Ursa Vrhunc

The Spring / Summer 2014 edition, installed at the Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana, starts with a space frame constructed with the Abstracta modular system created by Danish designer Poul Cadovius. The canopy itself is a tensile structure. An elastic fishnet fabric is stretched and tightened across the frame to create a translucent organic body that resembles an artificial cloud. When lit by natural or artificial light, the moiré pattern emerges from the tight layers of canopy fabric.

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