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Swing Mirror

Swing Mirror is a two-in-one dresser and full-length mirror unit that is designed to fit small spaces.

There has been an increasing trend of one-person households and small spaces. Traditionally, one might own a dressing table and a full-length mirror in their homes. This tends to be too bulky for a small space. As a space-saving solution, Swing Mirror combines both the dressing table and mirror into a compact furniture unit. 

When the user pulls out the lower half of the unit and swings the top half of the mirror backwards, the unit becomes a dresser with a seat and a half-length mirror. When this lower “seat” component is tucked back in and the top half of the mirror swung forward into its original position, the whole unit looks and functions like a seamless full-length mirror.


Oh Yubin, Kim Hyeonseok
South Korea


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