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Swash is a mini clothes washer for individuals who have no need or space for a full-sized washing machine. It replaces the strenuous act of hand washing clothes by incorporating the washing process of a washing machine, delivering a similar result within a unit that is compact and portable.

Swash’s concept was inspired by daily observations of the society and environment. Not every one needs the capacity of a regular washing machine, which essentially serves as a large laundry container when not in use. The idea is to use the abundance of containers we already have and maximise the usability with a product that is compact yet efficient.

Swash consists of two components: the washing unit and the washing basket. Both can be detached to facilitate storage. The washing process mimics the washing machine and begins with the basket holding the dirty laundry. The process is streamlined as the basket is directly attached to the washing unit mounted on a pail. Three spring-loaded clamps secure and centralise the unit in place.

The control interface’s simple and approachable design consists of only four buttons; start, stop, timer up, and timer down. Once washing commences, the basket moves in rotational motion. Once washing completes, the pail is emptied and Swash transforms into a dry spinner. The activation button located on Swash’s handle indicates the hand position required to grab the unit in order to begin. The basket keeps the clothes in and filters the water out into the pail and with that, the process is complete.


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