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Static-fix is a device that adheres paper to any kind of surface area by rearranging the electrons. Charge it by shaking and push to apply – users can attach their memos, idea sketches or documents to a desired surface without damaging it.


Dr. Park Junhong, Dr. Oh Soo Jin, Ahn Ji Eun, Seoyoung Kim, You JungMin
South Korea, Canada

The designers thought of a different way to attach notes to the wall without causing damage to the wall, or being inhibited by the limitations of paper size. The solution is an environmentally friendly one that replaces glue, tapes, staples, etc. Static-fix is created based on the concept of static electricity. When two different materials are rubbed against each other, electrons from one material migrate to another, leaving the other material positively charged. This is what keeps two materials stuck together.


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To use, place the device on the wall and slide while pushing to activate. The LED display indicates battery life to notify the user when it needs to be charged. Static-fix is eco-friendly to recharge, simply shake the device. Also, the effects of static electricity makes paper adhere to any kind of surface, such as wood, steel, glass, fabric and more. All one needs is a Static-fix that allows for quick and precise application.

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