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Star Pylon

This lean and compact electricity pylon offers better integration with the landscape, competitive performance, and a new image for a new age of energy.


Hans-Jochen Hilsberg


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Due to the goals of the German Energiewende (Energy Transition), the electricity grid needs to be extended at a fast pace. There arises the demand for a new architecture for electricity pylons. Several studies demonstrate that the conventional lattice pylons – despite many years of construction and use – are perceived as rather frightening, causing widespread public opposition to new transmission lines. 

Compact pylons, on the other hand, are considered to be more beautiful and modern. A lean and elegant design integrates more harmoniously into the environment and, furthermore, can reduce occupancy of the landscape and as well as electromagnetic pollution for residents. A new design must not glorify the pylon as art, but primarily fulfill its task of combining the existing technologies into a useful and meaningful unit.

Available and field-tested construction techniques – including spun-concrete poles and long-rod insulators – make it possible to build pylons that are not only competitive in economical and technical terms, but also reflect a new energy age in their design.

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