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Spring Cape

Spring Cape is a raincoat that can dry quickly, fold easily, and be kept away in just 3 seconds.


National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan
Faculty Advisors: Sun Chung-Shih., Dr. Zheng Meng-Cong
Design: Hsiao Hsueh-Che

Sometimes, while putting on a raincoat, we notice an unpleasant smell because the raincoat was not completely air-dried from its last usage. This really means that mold and other types of bacteria could be breeding on the raincoat. Spring Cape has a spring steel frame running through the edge of the coat, which allows the fabric to spread out, thus increasing its exposure to circulated air. The raincoat will dry faster and more thoroughly this way. Furthermore, traditional raincoats do not have a fixed or guided way of folding and keeping, which results in space and time wasted. The steel frame in Spring Cape serves as a folding guide, allowing the raincoat to be stored in just 3 seconds.


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