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SPIN & HIT is an intuitive solution for emergency escapes in the event of bus or train accidents. It directs focus to the right spot to escape from, and provides a sharp stainless cone to break the glass for escape.

In the event of bus or train accidents, the emergency glass breaker on board the transport is crucial for saving lives. However, it can be hard to locate or too dangerous to be used by injured or weaker passengers. 

When we are trapped inside spaces, we intuitively bang on walls or windows trying to escape. SPIN & HIT uses this behaviour to create an intuitive glass-breaking solution for critical moments, and one that can be adapted for different modes transportation. SPIN & HIT provides a sharp stainless steel cone as a glass-breaking tool and directs victims to the right focus point to break the glass. Installed with a lock mechanism, it avoids mis-operation. After unlocking, the spring extends to create more space for movement, which makes easier to break glasses.


Lu Xiangyi, Zhou Ziyu, Kong Lingxuan, Xie Jiasheng


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