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Solectrike is a future mobility concept for tourists in coastal cities – a vehicle sharing system that comprises a modularly designed vehicle.

In some touristy coastal cities, there are no public transport tools in “sightseeing zones”, especially in the old towns of these cities. Renting a car may not be an optimal solution for some tourists, considering how it is so difficult to drive through the narrow roads of old towns that are crowded with pedestrians. The routine of finding a parking spot, exploring, going back to the car and driving to another place can also get tiresome. Besides, being in a car most of the time makes one lose connection with the surrounding environment and the atmosphere.

In this situation, a bike might seem like a better solution. However, this project wants to not only help people move faster, but also to move around comfortably and enjoyably, from city centres to beaches. As such, Solectrike comes in as a future mobility concept and a transport solution for tourists in coastal cities. It is a vehicle sharing system that comprises a modularly designed vehicle, which can be separated into two parts: the “Beach Module” and the “Power Module”.


Liu Chen

In the coastal cities, visitors can borrow one of these vehicles from one of the many central stations located at the edge of the “sightseeing zone” and proceed to ride into the zone on a Solectrike. The Solectrike is comfortable, faster inside the zone, and saves physical energy and time. Visitors can park their Solectrike in small stations outside the beach area, get the vehicle separated, and leave the “Power Module” at the station to be recharged. The “Beach Module” is meant to be dragged to the beach and set up as a personal beach entertainment station. It comprises of a seat and a sun umbrella that collects solar energy to run a little cooler box and charge electronic devices.  

This system can also be transplanted to many other bigger coastal cities, which have a lot of sightseeing zones, such as Barcelona. Multiple Solectrike systems can be built in such cities, where individual Solectrike systems work separately from each other, and each system is responsible for a special part of the city.


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