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Good damping capability and traction are essential for biking, which can be achieved by incorporating a shock absorber at the front tyre and the middle of the body. However, when used in more extreme forms of mountain biking, there is a higher chance of a flat tyre because the pressure is frequently concentrated onto a single point.

When the tyres come into contact with obstacles at high speed, the contact module experiences a lot of pressure. At this time, the spring module deforms to absorb some of the pressure. This is known as damping. Meanwhile, the deformed tyre provides a bigger surface area of contact with the road, and the traction is increased. The spring module then recovers quickly once it moves past the obstacle. Soft Creeper’s novel design is believed to bring great improvement to biking performance. Changing the form of the spring module will absorb a large part of the force of contact, and increase the surface area of contact with the ground. This increases both the capability of damping and traction in the tyre. 

Soft Creeper

Soft Creeper is a new type of trek bike tyres with good traction and damping capability that can be easily assembled and altered.


Dalian Minzu University, China
Faculty Advisors: Prof. Bao Haimo, Xu Kun
Design: Su Hengchang, Zhang Dianming, Qiao Song, Zhang Mengbo, Cao Xinyu, Wu Jiahao, Xu Zhe, Ran Xuyang


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The artificial limbs used by the athletes in Paralympic Games show great performance of damping, thus providing good operation ability and speed. This novel structure is adapted to combine with traditional bike wheel structures to create the Soft Creeper biking tyre. Not only does this new type of tyre have good damping capability and traction, it can also can be easily assembled and altered. Since it does not need to be inflated like ordinary tyres, it will not go flat.

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